Filter elements and spare parts

Everything you need for a turnkey aspiration system

BAUFLEX-engineering provides its customers with complete solutions in the field of dust suppression, including a wide selection of components for aspiration systems, including bag and cartridge filter elements, air ducts, rotary valves, explosion protection, and much more. Our company is especially proud of the fact that we offer components for all suction filters, including Donaldson filters, Downflo models, Dalamatic and others.

We are convinced that each component must be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the client. Therefore, our specialists will help you choose the optimal set of components for your aspiration system, taking into account all the features and requirements of production.

By contacting us, you will receive not just components for aspiration filters, but a comprehensive solution that will ensure the efficient operation of the entire aspiration system. Our company is ready to offer an individual approach and comprehensive solutions to solve any problems in the field of aspiration.

Accessories for aspiration systems

Replaceable bag filter elements

A full range of bag-type filter elements with the highest quality fabric, for any filter model.

Replaceable cartridge filter elements

Cartridge filter elements for all types of filters.

Special exhaust devices

Extraction arms and aspiration tables help to implement the aspiration system project with the most efficient dust removal.

Screw conveyor

The screw conveyor helps transport the dust captured by the filter to your desired storage location or return point to the process.

Sluice valve (rotary valve)

Serves to enable continuous discharge of dust from the aspiration filter during operation of the aspiration system. Cuts off air leaks from the dust discharge hole from the filter.

Storage bins

When you have a lot of dust, you need to store it somewhere. We offer the supply of bunkers for storing dust collected by an aspiration system.

Fan accessories

Vibration mounts, noise-absorbing casings, flexible inserts, flow regulators and other components.

Spark arresters

If the process produces sparks, your filter is at risk of burning the filter elements. To protect the aspiration filter from fire, you simply need to install a spark arrester in front of the filter.


To reduce the dust load on the aspiration filter, we offer the installation of a cyclone, which removes from 70 to 90% of dust from the flow. This allows you to increase the service life of the filter and save money on replacing filter elements

Odor filtration

Activated carbon filters are installed after the bag filter and help remove odors.

ATEX explosion protection components

To ensure the safe operation of the aspiration system, we offer a full range of necessary components and explosion protection systems.

HEPA filters

A full range of HEPA filters for post-purification of air after a bag or cartridge filter, with a cleaning degree of H13.

Emission control

Triboelectric sensor with E9TRB controller provides continuous emission control. Provides quality control of the filter and allows you to assess the impact on the environment.

EcoNet Plus monitoring systems

Allows you to use a personal computer to gain direct access to information about the operation of the aspiration system.

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