Engineering and design

Any project begins with engineering and solution development. We provide services for the development of technical solutions, calculations and design of aspiration systems.

Development of solutions

We develop qualified technical solutions for dust aspiration and suppression systems, based on the best international engineering practices ACGIH “Industrial Ventilation”. Our extensive experience in project implementation allows us to guarantee our clients the quality of aspiration systems. Effective dust removal, elimination of dust deposits in air ducts, efficient and uninterrupted operation of the filter – this is the minimum that we guarantee in every solution we develop.

When developing solutions we provide:

  • Calculation of air volumes
  • Fence casing design
  • Calculation of effective dust removal rate
  • Calculation of the required air flow speed for transporting dust
  • Selection of aspiration equipment
  • Development of solutions for handling captured dust


After developing solutions, to ensure high-quality implementation of the project, we develop all the necessary sections of the project documentation.

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Our projects