Maintenance of aspiration systems

We guarantee efficient and uninterrupted operation of aspiration systems.

When purchasing a service package for servicing the aspiration system, BAUFLEX-Engineering technicians will undertake all the necessary work on servicing the equipment and supplying spare parts for the efficient and uninterrupted operation of the aspiration system.

The complete service package includes:

  1. Supply and installation of one set of main components of the aspiration filter: filter elements, membrane valves of the regeneration system
  2. Inspect and service all electrical, mechanical and pneumatic system components
  3. Inspection of seals and system tightness
  4. Inspection of the dust unloading, transportation and storage system (if there is one in the system)
  5. All minor adjustments, lubrication, etc. necessary for optimal and correct operation of the system
  6. Installation of spare components for the aspiration filter
  7. Identifying faults and issuing written recommendations for their elimination
  8. Making records of all work performed in the Service Register
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