Cyclone filter CNSB

Cyclonic preseparation and post-treatment with a bag filter – all in one housing

The CNSB cyclone bag filter combines all the best from classic cyclones and modern bag filters. There is no need to install a preliminary cyclone to reduce the dust load – CNSB filters combine everything in one housing.


The CNSB cyclone bag filter is the result of a fusion of classic cyclones, which we have been accustomed to using for almost a hundred years, and modern, high-tech bag filters. Work with high dust concentrations, low load on the filter fabric, no need to install preseparation in front of the filter.

All the best in one package.

An innovative approach to air flow

When developing the CNSB cyclone filter, thanks to the tangential inlet and modeling of air flows, TAMA achieved a preseparation effect, namely the separation of large particles from the air flow before passing through the filter fabric. The separated large particles do not reach the filter elements, which reduces the dust load, increases the service life of the filter and makes it possible to work with high dust loads.

Advanced filter materials, classic cartridge shape

High quality filter elements filter all types of dust with 99.99% efficiency, providing filtration levels that meet regulatory emission limits for most dust types.

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Regeneration of filter elements

The filter element regeneration system has a classic design - cleaning with pulses of compressed air. The filter is equipped with Venturi tubes that ensure uniform, 50% more efficient, cleaning of the filter elements. This allows the filter to work longer and more consistently before replacing the filter elements.


To enable continuous operation in the aspiration system, the filter is equipped with a differential pressure controller, which monitors the degree of contamination of the filter elements in real time and activates the regeneration system only when necessary. Thanks to this, TAMA bag filters have reduced compressed air consumption, which allows saving on electricity and also ensures more stable operating parameters of the aspiration system.


The filters can optionally be equipped with an additional EcoNet PLUS system for complete remote monitoring and control of the operation of the aspiration system. With its help, you can immediately prevent unexpected downtime, monitor important parameters and find possible malfunctions before they occur.

Ease of maintenance

Each TAMA bag filter has the ability to be serviced both through the top and side service doors, which allows for more flexibility in choosing the installation location of the filter. The service platform makes servicing the bag filter easy and completely safe.
With a limited service distance to the filter roof, it is possible to install separate filter frames, which allows you to reduce the required space for replacing filter elements by 2-3 times.

Explosion-proof version ATEX

Check valve - isolates explosion from propagation
through air ducts to adjacent equipment.

Explosion pressure release – ATEX version of cartridge filter,
is equipped with an explosion-proof rupture disc, which releases excess pressure and flame in the event of a dust explosion.

Flame filter – an additional filter can be equipped
flame arrester to filter the ejected flame,
which makes it possible to safely release an explosion even into a room.

For safe operation of the filter when filtering explosive dust, TAMA bag filters are supplied in an explosion-proof version:

Explosion pressure release – ATEX version of the bag filter, equipped with an explosion-proof bursting membrane, which, in the event of a dust explosion, releases excess pressure and flame.

Flame filter – additionally, the filter can be equipped with a flame arrester to filter the ejected flame, which makes it possible to release an explosion even into a room.

Explosion isolation – a non-return valve to cut off an explosion, avoiding the spread of an explosion through air ducts into adjacent equipment.

To reduce the likelihood of an explosion and eliminate one of the ignition sources, the ATEX version of the filter is equipped with antistatic filter elements, grounded, and all external components are Ex CAT 3D.

The listed measures allow the use of a bag filter to filter explosive dust and install it in explosive dust environments.

Structural strength

Thanks to its cylindrical shape, the CNSB TI cyclone filter has high resistance to vacuum and can be used in aspiration systems with a vacuum of 20,000 Pa. In its classic version, the CNBS filter can operate in pneumatic transport systems and withstand pressures of up to 0.8 bar.

Available filter models

Filter version
Filter version Standard Option
Painted steel
Compressed air regeneration system
Filter Controller
Hatches for replacing filter elements
Inlet/outlet flanges
Storage container
Rotary valve
Explosion-proof version ATEX
Sound-absorbing casing
Filter maintenance area
Air ducts
EcoNet system
Filter elements Standard Option
Polypropylene, polyamide, polyacrylonitrile, olefin, homopolymer, polyphenolin, m-aramid, PTFE, glass fiber
Coating of filter elements Standard Option
Spark protection, moisture-oil-repellent impregnation,
antistatic, PTFE, e-PTFE, FDA food grade
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